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No surprises! It’s a better way of doing business.

Like everything else we do at Mpact Design Studio, when it comes to print and web design, we prefer an honest approach to each project. We will be upfront with you about what you can expect from start to finish. Like our clients, we don’t like ‘surprises’ – not negative ones anyway. So, we make it a point to be on the same page with our clients early on in the process no matter how large or small the project. By completion, you will have known for some time precisely how your ad, brochure or website turns out. No surprises! It’s a better way of doing business.

A nine letter word we actually embrace: ‘templates’.

The very idea of using a template in some design circles is beyond reprehensible – we don’t run in those circles. We can custom design almost anything. In fact, every one of the graphics you see above is from a custom project, but we won’t hesitate, when applicable, to suggest a template to begin your project.

What are the advantages?

  • From brochures to websites, an entire online industry of thousands of amazing, professionally-produced, customizable template designs available.
  • Templates can save our clients money. The less hours we put into a design – the less our clients pay. It’s that simple.
  • Even though they are customizable, templates can instantly provide our client with a better ‘visual’ of the finished product beforehand.
  • Templates can be a huge timesaver in getting a project completed and published.

A few recent samples of our design work. Please click on any of the graphics below to see more.



Whatever your print or web design needs – call us, let’s discuss options over coffee!